My name is Rhian Wight. I hold a Master’s in the Art of Psychological Counselling. I have counselling experience in career counselling (20 years), along with mental health and divorce mentoring (3 years). I have worked as a Director of Post Secondary for 5 years.

When I graduated from Mount Royal University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship I was engaged to be married. My world was irreverently altered when my fiancé disclosed he had a child from a previous relationship; I abruptly learned about child support obligations and grandfathering laws. (DNA testing at the time was quite costly, now it is as simple as ordering a kit in the mail).

We eventually decided to separate, but the assets were so entangled I didn’t know where to start. After fumbling my way through the legalities of common-law separation I came through mostly unscathed. I actually made it out with a few dollars, and used that equity to invest in real estate. I rented out the properties I had mortgaged, and got a crash course in tenant law.

My skill set eventually lead me to the Aldermanic office where I worked with community members, not-for-profit organizations, city services, and bylaw. I found myself working in Calgary’s ward 8 during the 2003/2004 Flames playoff run, and safety on the Red-Mile became a major municipal government concern. This increased my knowledge of liability and risk management, along with an inside look into police responses, etc.

I left the municipal government to work in the head office of a multinational bank. I assisted upper management with selection of high-risk loan application assessment.

Learning a lot about liability, with the large scale events we organized for non-profits.

Having cultivated an understanding of the ins-and-outs of financial lending, I moved on.

In my personal life, I married and became pregnant with my first child (now a mother of 3 beautiful children).

In the meantime my entrepreneurial spirit inspired once again, and I started my own home building company. Mortgages, construction contracts and risk management are scary concepts for some, I was enraptured.

Unfortunately, the downturn of the Alberta economy hit hard, and there was no room for cottage-industry home developers anymore, around this time my marriage (of 15 years) hit a wall. I was counselling women at the time on safety plans, Emergency Protection Orders, and legal rights through guiding them through the process it helped me through my own divorce.

I found my skill set fit perfectly for a career in education management.

I am not a lawyer, mediator or registered psychologist, but I am very knowledgeable about your rights in custody, property and finances. I can also help guide you through the emotional turmoil caused by divorce, career or life changes.

It is in your best interest to take the necessary steps that will protect you and your children from avoidable expenses that can lead to needless worries.

I can help keep you focused on what matters and moving forward toward personal healing.