I am a Mother of two teens. I moved to Canada ten years ago. My husband followed a few years ago with my children. I had bought my home with my friend. When my family came they moved in with us. We quickly realized that he was not the man I married. He was threatening self-harm. I was scared. I called Rhian and she advised me to call the police. The police told him to go away – but there was not much else they could do as it was his house and not much evidence. Through mentoring, Rhian advised me to go get a Emergency Protection Order and how. She advised me to change the locks with a 24 hour locksmith. He then moved out permanently. I will be starting divorce processing in the next year or so. I am just glad to be safe.

I thought that I was on the right track with my divorce. My ex and I were amicable. What I did not realize was that I had not thought about my career after divorce. I was a stay at home Mom of three, running a day home. Rhian had me look at my dreams, and how to get there. I am returning to school and in a year will start my new career. I am no longer just surviving, I am getting excited about my future. She also alerted me to some risks I was taking with the agreements I had been working on with my ex.

I was working as a head chef for 20 years making about $40,000. I was interested in changing to a career with my wife moving into the country. Rhian was able to assist me with coaching and a career change resume. I have been working in Management in the auto industry for ten years now, with regular hours that suits my family, and making more money than I did previously.

When I came to Rhian my ex and I were in agreement with parenting, but not anything else. My ex had already obtained a lawyer, so I felt I should also. A friend of mine told me to contact Rhian. She was able to explain to me the general process of a divorce and refer me to a lawyer. Through working with Rhian it became clear it was worth trying mediation. As my ex always took care of the finances it was difficult to figure out where to start. I feel that the process is very complicated, having someone on your side that is invested in your success as a whole is essential. Rhian is even career coaching me for a two year plan.