Divorce Mentoring In Alberta

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the lives we have built for ourselves, and our families, breaks apart. We find ourselves vulnerable financially, psychologically, and physically when going through divorce.

Without proper coaching and mentorship, we can inadvertently allow our ex partners or ourselves to unsecure assets, and cause undue stress to the family unit.

I have been through it, and I have come out a stronger person. I understand the mediation process and the legal proceedings involved in the dissolution of a marriage. I am not a lawyer, or a psychologist- I am a mentor that can time your divorce actions so you get the results you need. Saving you thousands on unnecessary costs of acting in haste. I can help you combat strategies that your partner will use on you, and make your divorce as easy as possible.

I am here to help. Together we will navigate the paperwork, identify potential financial downfalls and ensure a fair resolution is attained for all. I want you to thrive after divorce, not to just survive.


Going Through a Divorce?

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